Indoor Skydiving Facilities or Wind Tunnels

Wind tunnels recreate the feeling of falling by generating enough wind speed in a controlled environment to suspend a person in the air. This is essentially the exact opposite of skydiving. However, most wind tunnels are advertised as “indoor skydiving”. In reality, wind tunnel flying is nothing like skydiving other than the feeling of floating. Tunnel Vision was created to bridge the gap between the sky diving and flying.

Our Technology: VR4D

Tunnel Vision has created a patent pending virtual reality system for our customers to use in wind tunnels around the world. Our virtual reality system will allow you to experience all forms of skydiving whilst in the safety of a wind tunnel, accompanied by our qualified coaches’. Our customers wear a full-faced indoor skydiving helmet, with an integrated virtual reality device. You can select any location from our database of footage from around the world, and skydive there today. Tunnel Vision uses the latest in VR4D technology, real time 360° footage in 4k. This coupled with the feeling of flying in a wind tunnel, will give you the most immersive skydive experience without any inherent risks. Start your day in the Grand Canyon, visit China for a flight and finish over London all in a matter of minutes.

Safety is paramount to us at Tunnel Vision; whilst participating in VR4D experiences at our partner’s facilities, a trained member of staff accompanies all customers. During your skydiving experience a member of staff will be with you at all times, they will hold your position for you in the tunnel whilst you fly. Positioning you from points on your suit or on a pack to ensure the VR4D experience is both incredibly immersive and totally safe at the same time. All of our VR4D technology is housed within your skydiving helmet allowing you to move unhindered in and around the tunnel during your experience.

The Future

Have you ever dreamed of flying through the Grand Canyon or through your favourite fantasy novel, game or film? We are striving to make this become a reality. Keep up to date with our progress right here on our website. New technology is coming and at Tunnel Vision we are at the forefront, join the experience and try VR4D today.

Here at Tunnel Vision we believe the future of indoor skydiving is VR4D. We are developing unique content for our clients and their customers. We have an ever expanding customer base, private and military, regular new locations and destinations. To visit one of our existing partners and try VR4D yourself look at our locations page to find your local tunnel. If you want to become a Partnering Tunnel get in contact today and we will send you an information pack to add VR4D to your facility.

Tunnel Vision are actively looking for partners in the marketing and amusement market space also, with an extensive network of facilities and materials supply for all aspects of Indoor Sky diving and VR4D experiences. Contact us to discuss marketing with VR4D or to add an attraction to you facility.