Tunnel Vision was started with the ambition to bring the thrill of outdoor skydiving to the safety of a wind tunnel. Our aim is to enable customers to skydive anywhere in the world from the comfort of their local indoor skydiving center.

Cody Russell
CEO & Co-Founder at Tunnel Vision VR

An extreme sports athlete with a passion for skydiving. Cody has recorded hundreds of real world skydives, wing-suit flights, and is now a wind tunnel instructor at Airborne San Diego.

Cody recently graduated from the San Diego State University with an MBA, concentrating on entrepreneurship and marketing. His other academic accomplishments include a BA in Language and Psychology, learning Russian at the Defense Language Institute whilst serving in the US Navy.

Cody was part of the first group of candidates to take on Tristan’s rigorous physical tests to become an Airborne America instructor, given his military experience he passed with flying colors. Cody’s spends his spare time working on business and pursuing his love of extreme sports, from snowboarding to motorcycling.

Training still makes up a big part of Cody’s life, working privately with select customers as a PT for athletes to achieve their goals. Raised in Alaska Cody moved to San sunny Diego, though he does travel regularly nationally and internationally to get his time in the snow.



Tristan Hampson
Co-Founder & President at Tunnel Vision VR

One of only three Chief Indoor Wind Tunnel Examiners in the world Tristan has built a name within the industry, and is now responsible for training thousands of people worldwide. Previously working with the British Military’s S.A.S. to develop skydiving training protocols, Tristan was headhunted from the UK to work developing Airborne America’s San Diego based product offering.

Tristan is part of the creative team responsible for developing the very training program to become a wind tunnel instructor. He has more than 7000 hours of flight time in wind tunnels all over the world.

Tristan splits his time between Tunnel Vision and Airborne America based in San Diego where he is Director of Training. His experience and accomplishments in the industry has earned him a prestigious reputation amongst wind tunnels worldwide and the larger indoor skydiving community.

Outside of the world of skydiving Tristan has a varied love of sports and the great outdoors. An accomplished competitive swimmer in his youth, Tristan has trained people for decades in a variety of sports from rock climbing to kayaking, though in recent years cycling has become a favored pastime. An Englishman learning to be in the USA, he is a proud father of two wonderful kids.